The Vaper Soul team is made up of a passionate bunch of individuals with only one aim- make vaping normal. We believe in the right to vape and in the offline world, regularly participate in vape events, conventions and even lend our name to big tobacco protests.
We’re journalists, business people, digital marketers, designers, creators and of course, vapers. With our writing, marketing and business skills combined, we consistently produce highly engaging and viral pieces of vaping related content.


You don’t need us to tell you that the vaping industry is highly regulated when it comes to advertising. Facebook and Google Adwords – the two biggest online advertising platforms – are closed to vaping products.

The vaping industry is still relatively new so there are no viable traditional mail/call lists to access. So how do you reach an audience, specific to vaping? People who you know are going to be interested in your vaping product/ service?

This is where Vaper Soul comes in. Over 75% of Vaper Soul’s website traffic is from a highly targeted audience of vapers based in US, UK, Canada, Australia..

With a team of experienced marketers behind us, we have built up Vaper Soul to become an authority site in vaping. In addition to our popularity with new and experienced vapers alike, the site is also a high achiever when it comes to search engine results.

Just head to Google and search for “vaping”, “what is vaping” or even “facts about vaping”. The results will speak for themselves.

• Vaper Soul appears organically in Google search results for over 3000+ vaping related terms.
• For 195 of these terms, Vaper Soul appears on page 1 of Google.
• Vaper Soul appears Number 1 in Google for the highly relevant and extremely competitive terms.



Are you a writer? A passionate vaper? A photographer? A vape model? Modder or builder?

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