Greetings fellow vapers! Here is this week’s round-up of the headlines in the vaping world.

Beijing Tries to Stub Out Smoking With Hand Signals and Snitches

Starting June 1 2015 smoking in indoor public spaces and certain outside areas including hospital and school grounds will be forbidden in Beijing. To enforce this smoking ban, the country law enforcers have decided to take rather unconventional measures by asking non-smokers to snitch on smokers. People in Beijing have been asked to take photos or videos of smokers and send them to a public account that’s been set up on WeChat, the Chinese version of WhatsApp. Officials will then be dispatched to the scene of the crime. Officials are more intent on punishing establishments rather than smokers. Fines will therefore be up to 200 Yuan ($32) for individuals and up to 10,000 Yuan ($1,612) for establishments. This is quite interesting, can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Besides snitching, one can ask a smoker to stop smoking using sign language. The public has been asked to vote for which of the following three hand signals they would prefer to use as a “Stub that thing out now!” message for smokers they don’t have the guts to actually talk to.

Smoking ban

What do you think about this move? Will it work? Let us know your thoughts. You can read more on this on Vice News.

Kick the habit in May: Statewide effort seeks to save lives getting you to stop smoking

More than 40 Wisconsin area organizations have kicked-off a month (May 2015) dedicated to connecting area residents with smoking cessation resources. The campaign was inspired by recent studies that have shown that those who are connected to supportive resources have a significantly higher quit rate than those who quit on their own.

This month, we urge smokers to talk to their health care providers about resources available to help them take a step toward quitting successfully.

City of Milwaukee Commissioner of Health Bevan K. Baker said.

See details of the resources to help you stop smoking on

smoking ban