WEEKEND UPDATE: Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants ECigarette Ban Without Knowing Health Effects {MARCH 28, 2015}

WEEKEND UPDATE: Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants ECigarette Ban Without Knowing Health Effects {MARCH 28, 2015}

Hello vapers! Today we’ve rounded up the most interesting abouts these week touching on the weighty issue of ecigarette ban. Read on.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants E-Cigarette Ban Without Knowing Health effects

State Rep. Debra Kolste has introduced a law adding e-cigarettes to the Wisconsin’s indoor smoking ban and will see an ecigarette ban enforced if the legislation is passed. Kolste has however, admitted she doesn’t know if using e-cigarettes causes any health problems but she still wants ecigarettes banned.

There’s no research to tell us whether it’s safe or not. There is no research that says these e-cigs are safe. It would be wrong to take a step back.

Kolste told the Janesville Gazette.

Read more on this on Vapor News.

E-cigarette campaign denounced as propaganda

ecigarette ban

California public health officials have launched an ‘information campaign’ that they hope will curb the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. But some people such as Gregory Conley, president of American Vaping Association, which advocates for small- and medium-sized vaping and electronic cigarette businesses believe the campaign is not providing ‘information’.

This campaign is nothing more than propaganda, with state bureaucrats more concerned with tax revenues than helping 3.6 million Californians quit smoking.

Said Conley.

See more about this on The Tobacco Reporter.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Trying to Quit Smoking? A Smoking Spouse may not Help {March 21, 2015}

WEEKEND UPDATE: Trying to Quit Smoking? A Smoking Spouse may not Help {March 21, 2015}

Hey lovely vape family. As always we bring you the best vaping updates from around the world.

Trying to quit smoking? A smoking spouse may not help

A new research suggests that if you are trying to quit smoking you are better off alone than with a spouse or partner who also smokes. The study by Rachel Margolis, a sociology researcher at the University of Western Ontario and her coauthor Laura Wright studied 5,250 smokers aged between 50 to 85 years between 1992 and 2010.  The study found that about 60 percent of those who lived alone successfully quit smoking and better still about 68 percent of the people who had a non-smoking partner or a partner who was trying to quit at the same time succeeded in quitting.

If your partner smokes, and you need to quit, it’s harder to succeed than it would be if you were living alone.

Margolis said.

Read more about the study on Reuters.

quit smoking

Australian study finds plant amino acid helps ease smoking addiction; could be tested on ice addicts

A recent Australian-Brazilian study has shown that taking N-acetylcysteine or NAC tablets reduces tobacco addiction among heavy smokers. The study by Michael Berk from Deakin University in Victoria revealed that naturally occurring plant substance produced surprising results in the pilot group of 34 people.

What we found was a significant reduction in smoking in people taking N-acetylcysteine and much higher quit rates in people taking NAC, than those taking a placebo.

Berk said.

Check out more on this on ABC News.

WEEKEND UPDATE: E-cig Laws To be Effected Starting 2015{DEC 20, 2014}

WEEKEND UPDATE: E-cig Laws To be Effected Starting 2015{DEC 20, 2014}

Hello vape world! It’s another week and as usual it’s our pleasure to update you on what has been happening in our world. As the year comes to a close end, numerous bills to ban e-cigs have been passed, what you probably don’t know is that a number of these e-cig laws will be effected starting 2015. We picked a few of the states/cities that will have new e-cig laws beginning next year. So read on to avoid being caught off guard.

County OKs Tough E-cigarette Rules

Lane County Board of Commissioners approved a tobacco and e-cig law that will require tobacco retailers to buy an annual business license from the county. The law also bans the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and makes it illegal for minors to use or possess e-cigarettes. This law will likely start in January 2015.

Here is the full story on The Register-Guard.

Montreal’s STM To Ban E-Cigarettes By 2015


e-cig laws

Montreal e-cigarette lovers, we’re sorry to announce that you will not be able to enjoy a smoke during your daily commute on the bus, metro or within the STM public transit network come 2015.  The 24 Heures & JdeM has announced that the STM plans to enforce a ban on all e-cigarettes within the, or by, next year. Kindly take this new e-cig law seriously because once effected anyone caught smoking will be  forced to pay a fine of $50.

Full details on this ban are available on the MTL Blog.

From other news the use of electronic cigarettes in public places across El Paso will also be put into effect come 2015. Eastern Michigan University’s campus will be tobacco free starting July 1, 2015 while Barbados e-cig law to regulate the sale and use of e-cigarettes will go into consideration in the New Year.

Have you heard of any other states/cities planning to enforce e-cig laws in 2015? Please share with us so we can all remain aware.

15 Vape Memes That Will Make You Go “Thats Sooooo Me!”

15 Vape Memes That Will Make You Go “Thats Sooooo Me!”

Having one of “those” days? Never fear. Vaper Soul comes to your rescue with some vape memes that will have you giggling in seconds.

These vape memes are not just laugh out loud funny but will definitely have you nodding along, going “that’s soooooooo me!”

1. Really, please do…

vape memes

2. Perfectly normal for vapers

vaping meme

3. Uh oh….

vape meme

4. Happy days!

meme for vaping

5. Tick tock, tick tock

vape life meme

6. But first, let me take a selfie

vape selfie meme

7. Grumpy Cat doesn’t approve

vaping meme

8. Yes, I’m killing myself with anti freeze

vaping myths anti freeze

9. Vapers be like…

vapers meme

10. Time for a recharge?

vape life meme

11. *Never* heard that before

vaping bad for you meme

12. Nope, I definitely have enough 😉

no more vape mods meme

13. Vape, hookah, weed…. all the same. Not!

hookah pen vape meme

14. You tell ’em!

i vape bitch meme

15. It’s magic y’all!

vape magic meme


What is your favorite vaping meme? 

5 Vaping Myths Debunked

5 Vaping Myths Debunked

Vaping is revolutionizing the way we’re “smoking”. More and more people are putting down the cigarette and picking up a vape mod instead. But, the problem with this increasing popularity is also that there is a lot of misinformation surrounding vaping.

There are so many vaping myths going around it’s hard to keep track but these are our five favorite. What’s frustrating is that these myths can often scare off a vaping newbie.

These are the most commonly circulated (and believed!) vaping myths and we’re here to bust them. It’s time for some truth people.

1. Vaping Encourages Non-Smokers To Smoke

No, no, no. Just no.

vaping myths grumpy cat

Apparently the cool factor of electronic cigarettes, their flavor varieties and their lack of restrictions are encouraging more people to take up the smoking habit.

Truth is, people (teenagers and adults) start smoking for various reasons – stress, peer pressure, parental influence etc. They don’t take it up because of a cool package so no, e-cigarettes aren’t more likely to cause them to smoke.

The Reality: Vaping is not converting the masses to smoking. In fact, it’s doing the opposite. More smokers are giving up their deadly tobacco habit and switching to the less deadly vape life instead.

2. E-Cigarettes Contain Anti-Freeze

E-liquids contain propylene glycol, an ingredient also sometimes found in anti-freeze.

But (of course there’s a but!), propylene glycol is often added to anti-freeze to make it LESS harmful, just in case it is swallowed.

vaping myths anti freeze

Back in 2009, the FDA also claimed they had found diethylene glycol in e-cigarettes (a key component of anti-freeze. Of course this caused an uproar. What wasn’t revealed that later tests confirmed less than 1% of e-cigarettes contained diethylene glycol.

Seriously, if more e-cigarettes contained diethylene glycol, don’t you think we’d have vapers reporting poisoning left right and center?

The Reality: Propylene glycol has been approved by the FDA and the EU as safe for human consumption.

3. Vaping (Like Smoking) Can Also Cause Cancer

E-cigs contain nicotine so the knee-jerk reaction to them is often that they cause cancer the same way a regular cigarette would. This is one of the most often heard vaping myths around.

Truth is, nicotine by itself is addictive but not cancer-causing. It’s like your saying your morning coffee is causing cancer.

The Reality: When tobacco burns, a tar is created and this tar contains lots and lots of harmful chemicals. These chemicals have been proven to contain at least 70 known carcinogens. Chemicals are carcinogenic not nicotine.

4. Slick Advertisements & Sweet Flavors Attract Kids To Vaping

E-cigarettes don’t (yet) have the advertising restrictions that apply to tobacco so there are plenty of slick, well designed advertisements doing the rounds. Additionally, vapers love the variety of e-liquid flavors available to them. Cherry pie anyone?

Apparently this fancy packaging and sweet flavoring is designed to bring kids over to the dark side. Because you know, only kids like good flavors. Newsflash: adults like flavors too, especially if it means they don’t have to taste like cigarette ash all the time.

The Reality: It’s a marketers job to make flashy ads that make e-cigs cool. This is to sell more products to their adult audience not to attract kids. Most vapers also prefer flavored e-liquids because tobacco flavored e-liquids can often taste pretty crappy. It’s not for the kids, it’s for the kid in all the adults!

5. Second Hand “Vapor” Is Dangerous To Passive Vapers

One of the biggest problems with smokers is that they’re not only damaging their own health. Of course this is a cause for concern because non-smokers, especially kids, are also being exposed to harmful chemicals due to the smoker’s habits.

Passive smoking is bad. Not passive vaping.

But there is a difference between smoking and vaping. Vapers aren’t exhaling harmful carcinogenic substances like smokers (see Point 3). Exhaled vapor is different to tobacco smoke and dissipates very quickly.

The Reality: Vaping poses very little danger to the vaper themselves so the danger for second-hand vapers is negligible.

It gets frustrating to constantly hear these vaping myths. We’re a new lifestyle and it’s scaring the traditionalists.

Here’s hoping more people choose to look beyond the smoky (see what I did there?) curtain and figure out the truth behind vaping.

What’s one of your favorite/ most hated vaping myths?

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Weekend Update: Photo Diary of ECC 2014, Ontario Canada {Sept 13, 2014}

Weekend Update: Photo Diary of ECC 2014, Ontario Canada {Sept 13, 2014}

So we were super lucky to go to the Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC) 2014 in Ontario last week.

Some of the finest brands in the electronic cigarette industry were present. This was an amazing experience and we were psyched to meet and connect with so many vapers.

We are really looking forward to ECC 2015!
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