Vapes Every Vaper Should Know

Vapes Every Vaper Should Know

Vapes Every Vaper Should Know


What are the different types of vapes you can buy? When vaping first became popular a few years ago, companies rushed to release many types of equipment. Consumers were left wondering the differences. These days, if you walk into a smoke or vape shop to inquire about ecigarettes or vapes, you’ll be inundated with a lot of terms that may not make sense to you.

To help understand what are the different types of  vapes available; we’ve sorted vape hardware into couple of categories. Although many may argue there are more sub-categories within these – this is just a general overview of what is out there. 

Disposable eCigarettes – Disposable ecigarettes are also known as cigalikes, vape pens, and simply ecigarettes. These devices are similar in shape to regular cigarettes and are most commonly found in convenience stores and retailers like Walmart.

Blu (Imperial), Vuse (RJ Reynolds), and Mark Ten (Altria) are among the most popular ecigarettes, and each are manufactured by major tobacco companies. Disposable ecigarettes are prefered by smokers who want the feel of a cigarette in their hands. Many vapers dislike these devices because of the high nicotine content, limited flavor availability, and cost – you’ll spend upwards of $10 for only a few ml of vape juice.

Rebuildable Atomizer – Rebuildable atomizers are also known as RBAs and personal vaporizers. These devices are and are commonly found in vape shops. They are usually used by people who like to have control over how their vape is going to hit. Although not as extensive as an RDA the RBAs are a good choice for someone looking to take their vaping to the next level. 

RBA vaporizers have two pieces – a battery and tank. The tank holds ejuice and can hold much more than a standard disposable ecigarette. These tanks are easily refillable and each individual piece can be replaced if it fails. Rebuildable atomizers are prefered by those seeking to make their own ejuice or refill with flavors of their choice. They cost from $20-$200+

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer – Rebuildable drip atomizers are also known as RDAs and advanced personal vaporizers (APV). These devices are highly customizable tank systems that are commonly found in vape shops.

RDA vaporizers require the user to rebuild the coils and replace the wick, which can take some getting used to. They are customizable and often have a variety of features. There are mainly two things people go for when choosing an RDA; good flavor vs big clouds.  Instead of a tank, these mods require you to drip ejuice onto them in order to vape. Drip atomizers are prefered by cloud chasers for their ability to adjust and personalize and can cost from $100-$1000.

Closed loop ecigs – These type of vapes are starting to make their way into the market much faster than any others. Closed loop ecigs are non-refillable. And usually they are similar to cigalikes.

A good example of a closed loop ecig is the JUUL by Pax labs. Based in San Francisco this company has innovated the way people interact with the ecigs. Their product the JUUL has a closed loop system that is probably the easiest to use among all other types of vapes. instead of having to refill, build coils, change wicks and so on – All you need to do is vape. The best part is that you get all of this convenience for $50. I believe that the closed loop ecigs will be one of the few types of devices to survive the battle with the FDA.

Which type of vaporizer you choose is up to you, though many people have a variety of hardware to cater to every occasion. 

Counterfeit Vaping Gear

Counterfeit Vaping Gear

Counterfeit Vaping Gear ruins the industry

Clone versus counterfeit vaping gear has become a trending topic in vaping circles as the proliferation and diversity of vape gear intensifies. These days, it seems, the release of a mod or some other equipment heralds a barrage of upcoming wannabe gadgets that are either very good imitations or supremely bogus gadgets.

Whatever it is, counterfeiting is a scourge that is alarmingly entrenching itself into the electronic cigarette industry, and to a good chunk, cause for worry.

The way we see it, different markets exist that satisfy the demand for these products:

  1. There are some who contend with the counterfeits for personal reasons (availability, price and what-not) – the frugal market.
  2. There are the hybrids who never give a hoot and would fancy authentic but don’t mind the counterfeits either – the purists.
  3. Then there are those who call a fake fork what they think it plainly is: a fake fork – the elitist market.

Which vaper are you?

Clones vs. Counterfeit Vaping Gear

Wait, aren’t clones the same as counterfeits? Many would tend to believe so, but the lines of distinction are as clear as day.

Clones are products that look similar to the real deal. However, there will be some differences if you care to look closely.

Counterfeits, on the other hand, are products or marketing campaigns that try to sell the same as the real thing while in the real sense, they are not. In other words, counterfeits try to pose as the originals, and little is done to convince you otherwise: they could use similar packaging, include certain markings associated with the genuine thing and so on.

Counterfeit Vaping Gear can be hard to spot, and this comes at a price for both company and consumer. Thanks to you guessed who – China.


Cost to the Industry

What comes to mind first thing when thinking about cost of counterfeits to the industry is profit margins. Counterfeits have eaten into the bottomline of many a business, and vaping is no different. Genuine products come at a cost, and not everyone is comfortable forking out the kind of money and will settle for a replica when it comes out. This is what’s happening and you can imagine the industry isn’t cracking a smile.

As a consequence of the above, innovation by the brands we know and trust has been stifled simply because not enough revenue is coming in, and thus no point in committing more resources to R&D.

As much as companies can’t regulate what’s going on sale in terms of counterfeit gear replicating their products, some of those counterfeits are very low quality and make for a negative lasting impression when consumers are left with the view that the supposed company is behind what substandard product they had purchased.

Counterfeit Vaping Gear

Cost to the Consumer

One of the biggest downsides of counterfeits to consumers is access to low quality products and gear. For those looking to quit smoking for vaping, these bad first experiences can mean make or break. You probably heard someone say they had a negative experience with e cigarettes when they tried them. That’s because they went for low quality e-liquid (ass juice) most likely made in China.

Health is another cost to the consumer and you can look at it in either of two ways: there are the health problems that come with prolonged smoking when the would-be vaper refuses to give up smoking for a bad vaping experience due to poor gear and low quality juice. And there are the potential negative health impacts that could arise from use of poor quality e liquids you have no idea what went into their manufacture.

Much as you hate them, counterfeits will always be there. But what do you, the vaper, think of counterfeit vaping gear? We would love to know!

Be Careful Where You Leave Your Vape Juice and E-cigarettes

Be Careful Where You Leave Your Vape Juice and E-cigarettes

With summer basically here, it’s time to review some storage best practices for vape juice and e-cigarettes. Summer is a great time to travel, but temperatures can quickly rise inside a car, putting both your e-liquid and batteries at risk. Here’s what you need to know.

Vape Juice Storage Tips

Although it takes relatively high temperatures (200-300+ degrees Fahrenheit) to evaporate e-liquids, they can start to break down at temperatures as low as 105 F. Because of this, it’s not recommended to leave vape juice bottles anywhere in your car or let them sit in the mailbox during the day.

On a relatively cool day (76 F), the temperature inside these enclosed spaces can quickly reach 116 F, which can cause the vape juice ingredients to separate, become cloudy, and change the smell/flavor. It’s also a bad idea to leave your vape juice bottles in direct sunlight, as they can get even hotter.

Instead, store vape juice bottles in a cool, dry place when not in use. When bringing them along on a road trip, keep them in an insulated container like a cooler or thermos. This will ensure the flavor, consistency, and viscosity isn’t degraded, which can ruin your vaping experience and possibly even the equipment.

vape juice

E-Cigarette Battery Storage

Most e-cigarettes are powered by a lithium ion battery. From 70 F to 104 F, the self-discharge rate of a lithium ion battery nearly doubles from 8% to 15%. In addition, at higher temperatures, these batteries can overheat, short circuit, and catch fire.

Like vape juice, it’s not recommended to store e-cigarettes in your car (even the glove box or under your seat) or expose them to direct sunlight for extended periods.

vape juice

When traveling, store e-cigarettes with your e-juice in an insulated container and bring them with you when you leave your car to avoid any hazards or performance degradation.

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking because of the decreased risks of inhaling carcinogens, but safety is still required. Be mindful of where you leave your e-juice and e-cigarette to avoid ruining the products and possibly causing a fire.

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The Latest In Vaping Bans & How They Affect You

The Latest In Vaping Bans & How They Affect You

A cloud of angst has been hovering over many cities across America through to Europe and into Asia, all the way down to the Australia; cause of formation: vaping bans.

While there are a sensible few, some are ridiculous at best and offensive at worst. It may come as good news to antz, but a good chunk of vapers feel hard done. Not when they can breathe better after laying down the cigarette; not when they can do vigorous activity without gasping for breath; not when they can savor the taste of food again; not when they no longer play outsiders at the office. The list goes on.

vaping bans

Caught up in the Ban

Vaping proponents support the habit because finally, they have found an effective and safe way to quit fatal smoking. There is no more sticking nicotine patches and chewing nic gum that doesn’t work and ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

In short, vaping is their best bet to quit smoking which kills one in two long-term smokers.

Surprisingly though, electronic cigarettes continue to cause a furore. Prime reason is because critics are united in the stand that the practice is rife with unknowns. Health officials are thus moving with fervor to ensure it finally gets its spot alongside banned tobacco products for what they call potential dangers. Supporters, on the other hand, want regulators to adopt a wait-and-see policy in the high likelihood it turns out to be harmless.

For since the dawn of vaping, everyone knows, there is yet to be an associated illness, let alone fatality. In other words, antagonists should stop viewing vaping as smoking just because it simulates the latter. In fact, the best current estimates suggest vaping is a staggering 95 percent safer (at least) than cigarette smoking and may in the long run prove to be even safer. Here’s proof.

vaping bans

This could transform health outcomes, and if vaping deposed smoking in toto, it would be one of mankind’s greatest health-promoting interventions. Think of it as a market-driven solution to the smoking scourge, rather than medical. This is why over in Europe, the UK Department of Health and the Royal College of Physicians have categorically endorsed vaping, so long as products comply with marketing standards.

Vaping bans in the U.S. and other countries, however, show agencies and local governments hold a different view.

Vaping Bans the New Fad

Guess what the new name for vapor is these days? Aerosol. That’s what the scientists and activists are calling it as they base their claims behind a study from the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

In all fairness, some states may be justified in imposing e-cig bans in public spaces, but which kids patron bars, nightclubs and casinos to have the idea of ‘smoking’ normalized in their minds like the councilmen of New York, L.A. and Chicago would have you believe? The already messed up kind would be the most reasonable answer.

vaping bans

And even the thinking behind the ban in restaurants seems to be, well – daft – because apparently, they say, diners could mistake the vapor for cigarette smoke. This is akin to banning sugar in restaurants because the same diners might mistake it for cocaine while seated at a distance. Well, not quite. We’re just a little worked up by some of these legislations:

At VaperSoul we are against the lack of vaping common sense: totally. Don’t be a vape douche.

States such as Arkansas, New Hampshire, Virginia and others probably got it right by banning vaping in schools, but is it a case of a little too late?

Last Word

No one is promising electronic cigarettes make manna rain down from wherever we were told it once came from, but they are way better than tobacco cigarettes. Any day. As the rampage to impose vaping bans continues, legislators across the world should know vapers are just ordinary people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking. The health benefits of vaping ought to be kept above petty thinking for the public good.
What vaping bans have affected you and how are you coping with them? Sound off in the comments below!

What Are Drip Tips & How To Use Them

What Are Drip Tips & How To Use Them

What is a drip tip? If you are new to vaping, you’ve probably heard of it but chances are it’s a foreign concept to you. Digging up the thin information on the web may confuse rather than enlighten. But hey, that’s why we’re here.

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume you already know what cartridges, atomizers and cartomizers are. If not, grab a refresher copy of the Ultimate Guide to Vaping Terms.

So, what are drip tips?

Drip tips are simply an alternative to e-cigarette cartridges and cartomizers (think of it as a mouthpiece). Why an alternative you may be curious? To answer that effectively, let’s beat around the bush a little to offer a better glimpse.

drip tips

The Issue with Disposable Cartridges

Disposable cartridges, if you may have noticed, don’t grant that satisfaction and consistency you may be after. A downside, yes, because they don’t produce the same consistent vapor as those first draws.

A downside too because of their habit to squirt e-juice into the mouth following that first draw, something that can spoil your entire vaping experience especially if you are new.

Cartomizers too?

There is no denying that cartos are tremendously reliable and convenient. They eliminate the issues common with disposable cartridges by bundling the e-cig atomizer and e-juice into one ensuring excellent vapor production and longer life in general.

However, they fall short of giving you a convenient avenue of sampling new e-liquid flavors. If you buy them pre-filled, you will be confined to the flavors made by the e-juice company. If you buy them empty, you will have to do the filling yourself.

drip tips

Enter dripping.

What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is a hollow mouthpiece you can use in place of a cartridge or cartomizer (or clearomizer) without having to remove anything. Thus, dripping is the process of pouring e-juice directly into the atomizer. It is used to harness the full power of your e-cig by offering a full, clean flavor with consistent vapor production throughout.

You achieve this by placing a drip tip (made from different material from metal to plastic) over the atomizer which results to a channel that allows the juice to flow (drip) through. There is no wadding to hold the juice thus it leaks from the atomizer repeatedly in the process boosting your e-cig’s vapor production without the need to purchase a costly new device.

drip tips

Dripping can be a challenge at first but practice makes perfect. Reason is because you need to learn how much e-juice to add and when: add too little or too late and you risk drying up and burning the wicks; add too much or too frequently and the liquid will overflow. You have to drip e-liquid into the atty constantly to keep the wick nice and moist, and it is for this reason those who have mustered it like to think of it as an art.

The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Once you are into dripping, there is no turning back. It really is an altogether different kind of vaping experience.

If you like trying out new or different flavors as often as we do, you will appreciate the practice. Using a cartomizer or cartridge makes it impossible, unless you fill or buy a new one every time you need something different. With cartridges, this is bound to be inconvenient; with cartomizers, it’s straight out expensive. With a drip tip and atomizer though, you have the freedom to switch between flavors any time you wish. All you have to do is flush out the atomizer with your newly acquired juice.

In a nutshell, it offers you the following benefits when compared to tanks:

  • Boasts an enhanced flavor
  • Offers unmatched clouds of vapor
  • It is more cost-effective in the long-run (meaning vaping just got cheaper)
  • Offers higher level of customization
  • Has better airflow

Dripping is a vaping technique that is sure to give you a ‘Holy crap!’ moment. It may take time before you fully get it figured out, but it sure will be one worthwhile experience.