Vaping Problems: Common Vaping Rookie Errors

Vaping Problems: Common Vaping Rookie Errors

There are many vaping mistakes rookies are prone to make; it is to be expected. We were all there once 😉

So today, we figured we’d talk about vaping problems beginners are faced with in this short post in the hope that we can reach out to anyone joining the movement now and in future.

So without wasting time, let’s get on with it!

Not Ditching your Smoking Habits

One very common mistake among new vapers is treating vaping like the smoking it is not, particularly with the draws. So understand this: your draw will be different with an ecigarette, as will the actual vaping experience. When vaping, you need to take only a few drags at a time to ‘harness’ the same amount of nicotine intake (yes, it’s that effective).

Problem with taking long drags like in tobacco cigarettes is you will take in a lot more nicotine than you are used to. Not to mean vaping is badass than smoking (don’t lord it over others mind you) but this can also burn your device out due to overuse.

vaping problems

Read the Instructions

An ecigarette may look like a device that’s easy to operate, but things can get technical when you are still a virgin. Don’t fall prey to rushing things like many beginners do only to find out their device is not functioning in the way they envisioned.

It may sound ‘rookish’ (it is), but skipping this part can turn out to be mid-life crisis later on. It can lead to damage of your device, unwittingly, which is why it’s a good thing to brush through the manuals.

Not Activating or Charging your Batteries

Another of new vaper problem that you should be aware of: not activating your batteries after the first charge. You might be left thinking your device is faulty, which it is not. To avoid this error, rapidly press the on/off button a couple of times which will activate your battery, ultimately avoiding this error and ensuring a better vaping experience.

Also, make it a habit of charging your batteries, and unlike your laptop, it’s not recommended to let your battery drain completely before recharging it. If you think you won’t be recharging it for a while, consider carrying a backup with you.

vaping problems

Drowning your Ecig with E-liquid

Many experienced vapers will admit to overfilling their tank or atomizer back in the day, and in the process drowning the heating element that creates the vapor. Don’t overfill your ecig because it will render it useless as the juice soaks up the batt bringing the device to a ‘standstill’.

Cheap Eliquid

When it comes to purchasing ejuice, cheap options are of inferior quality, just like anything else in life. Some cheap liquids (read Chinese) no one may be sure what is contained in them. Worse still, they can turn your head back into smoking just because you sampled juice that tastes like horse pee (ass juice in vaping circles). You may want to read this guide to cheap eliquids.

vaping problems

Follow these tips and you will make the most out of your vaping experience!

Are there vaping problems you’ve faced that we have left out? Feel free to spread the word!

Vaping Voltage 101: Watts & Ohms Explained

Vaping Voltage 101: Watts & Ohms Explained

Watts, ohms, mods, vaping voltage; what does it all mean?

For the rookie in the cloudy world of ecigs, you might be confused by what these terms mean, and even the experienced vaper could still be confused by some of them. We are not breaking down the common vaping vocab in this post; for that you can go here.

This article aims to give you some easy to understand points on what watts and ohms really mean and how they apply to your vape.

It’s a Juicy World…

When it comes to vaping – and when you get used to it – you will notice one topic that mostly dominates conversations has to do with ejuice: which flavor kicks ass throat best, the paramount PG/VG combo for thicker clouds, the latest juice in the market and what-not.

vaping voltage

However, there are other less talked about topics that influence a lot how your device functions. Did you know the temperature of the vapor, for instance, affects your overall vaping experience? So does the flavor of the eliquid at certain temperatures, or the amount of vapor produced.

This is the reason ejuice flavors such as chocolate, coffee or tobacco taste better when exposed to more heat; the same reason eliquids flavored with peach and strawberry taste better when less heat is applied to them.

You now have a rough idea how flavor and wattage/voltage relate, yes? Good, you’re half-way there.

What is Vaping Voltage/Wattage?

Voltage and wattage are electrical measurements, and when it comes to electrical readings, you can liken them to a garden hose. How? There is something running through the electrical wiring and instead of water, this something is electricity. It’s all to do with resistance really (of which ohms are the measurement).

Picture a one-inch hose with a little water flowing through it. When you twist the faucet open, the stream of water creates pressure inside the hose. Again, when you partly block one end of the garden hose with your finger, you don’t increase the amount of water by turning the facet yet the water has a higher force and flows at a higher rate.

Likewise in vaping, the amount of heat produced by the atomizer (atty) or tank is determined by wattage: when you adjust the wattage on your tank, you adjust the amount of heat produced.

If you want to increase the vaping wattage on your vaporizer, you also have to fine-tune the voltage or resistance levels, and atomizers differ from each other in terms of resistance levels which normally range between 1.5-3.0 ohms.

Note that mods are different from standard PVs which are regulated and thus shut off, or display an error code should the resistance be too low or the drain on the battery gets too high. Simply put, mods are unregulated: no wires, no circuits, no solder points to break.

What are Ohms?

vaping voltage

Electrical resistance is measured in units called ohms.

Lowering the resistance and pumping up the voltage gives you more vapor, better throat hit and at times more flavor. With sub-ohming, the resistance is taken to the low extremes of less than 1 ohm (risky, yes).

You’ll also hear of Ohm’s Law and this is the formula used to establish a relationship between current (measured in Amps), voltage (measured in volts) and resistance (measured in ohms).

What Ohms should you use?

The thing is, every person is different. When it comes to vaping, everyone develops their own favorite and what is good for Marcus may not augur well with either Angie or Karim.

What’s my point? It matters little if someone is an old hand in matters vaping, or revered blogger or reviewer; don’t take their opinion as gospel truth for their tastes may not line up with your own.

To figure out what coil is best for you, you need to try them out, and keep trying until you figure out what you like best.

Who should try this at Home?

The danger that comes with mods and re-buildable tank atomizers is the reason these devices should be the preserve of experienced hands. A mod has no circuitry or electronic protection and will fire anything you put into them.

vaping voltage

Furthermore, mechs are costly and thus another reason vaping rookies should start with standard devices before graduating to these advanced kinds.

Does that make things clearer for you? Any more questions about vaping voltage?

Things (You Hear) About Vaping That Make You Cringe

Things (You Hear) About Vaping That Make You Cringe

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whenever it comes to any given topic, some arguments are factual, others misinformed, some overly positive, while others are just downright stupid. When it comes to vaping, this is no different.

 From your vaping experience, there are no doubt things about vaping you have heard or seen that make you cringe at the mere mention or thought of them.

1. E-juice is made to attract children

Really antz? I’m not sure about you but when I have a product to sell, I guarantee you five-year-olds will not be the first buyers on my target list.

2. Nicotine juice is very harmful

There has been this notion flying around that suggests e-liquid is poisonous. The embers to this fire were fueled the more following an article on the New York Times that said e-juice was just a poison by the barrel. What they forgot to mention though was e-liquid is not manufactured for drinking purposes, nor is it a topical oil. The only cases of poisoning through ingestion have been reported in kids. And you don’t need to be a mother-of-four to know that when left to their own devices, kids can eat anything – poo included.

3. Vaping is worse than smoking because I heard it on the news

Let’s not even get started on that ‘Many studies have shown…’ line.

4. Vapers smell no different than smokers

Even after doing your custard and berry flavor juice…Well, that’s probably your body odor, and you need to deal with it.

things about vaping

5. You need to give up electronic cigarettes and opt for nic gum and patches

I can write you an essay and get you a dozen handbooks on why those options don’t work.

6. Exhaled vapor is just as harmful as second hand smoke

It is?! Abandon ship! No one has any idea on the effects of second-hand vapor and we are all going to perish!

7. The vape community is up in arms against regulation

There are those who feel strongly so, and to a certain degree, they are damn right. Heavy legislation and regulation like some being proposed could be the death knell of a booming, free market. However, let it not be forgotten that a host of industry players have been awaiting regulation for years. These established vape shops believe in the codes of good business and want below-par competition to get a good kick in the butt.

8. You can get poisoning through inhalation


Look bro, any activity done in excess can be nauseous. This includes oversleeping, excessive jogging, and eating fruits. And oh, vaping isn’t going to give you pneumonia.

And for the Vapers out there…

 Cut the superiority complex BS. Your gear may be better than mine, and that’s the best thing to happen to mankind.

  1. If your juice isn’t working for you, get a stronger one and quit the whining.
  2. Not everyone is down with cloud-chasing and sub-ohming. I’m beside myself that you dig it.

What other things about vaping make you cringe? It could be something non-vapers say or even something a fellow vaper does. We would love to add to the list.

5 Tips Every Vaper Must Know For A Better Vaping Experience

5 Tips Every Vaper Must Know For A Better Vaping Experience

Update: We have updated Tip 5 after reader feedback.

The adoption of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers has been on the rise ever since their introduction in the mid-2000s.

As the adoption escalates by the year, so is the type of PVs and e-liquid variety. As much as this is a benefit, it also has its shortcomings. For every vaper, tyro or pro, this post aims at providing tips to enhance your vaping experience. There are a couple of basic things that you can do that will greatly improve your experience of vaping.

What are these things?

1. Ensure Your Battery Is Properly Charged

Properly charging your battery not only allows you to get the most out of it, but also extends its lifespan. Leave it to fully charge – just like any other device that uses a re-chargeable battery – before unplugging it from the power source.

Pro Tip: Be careful not to to overcharge the battery though. Overcharged batteries can become unnecessarily heated and overheated batteries have even been known to explode. Uh-oh!

vaping experience

 2. Clean Your Battery – And Re-Useable Carto Too

See that space between the battery and cartridge? Residue and dirt accumulate there pretty easily.

To clean it, you could use a paper towel, Q-tip or similar cotton swab. Clean any area that is noticeably dirty, and remove any caked-on residue using a toothpick. Why no soap or any cleaners? These could affect the performance of your vaporizer so best not to use them.

If you have an ego starter kit that’s short of vapor or good e-liquid flavor, gets e-juice in your mouth or has a leaky tank, it could be an issue with cleaning. No one wants juice in their mouth, it totally ruins your vaping experience!

So, how often should you clean your kit? This is determined by how often you use it, but ideally, once a week at the very least should do it.The same goes for a reusable cartomizer, albeit this requires more skill.

Pro Tip: To avoid cleaning your batt every other day, use a syringe to pour the e-liquid into the carto or tank.

3. Draw Style

Even experienced vapers have their own way of drawing. The best experience will be gained from slow, steady draws, as opposed to quick and shallow. The longer puffs you inhale, the faster your battery drains. It’s a rule of thumb. Don’t feel restricted though.

It’s good to understand that each vaporizer has its own best practices. Spend some time with your unit to learn its quirks. After some time, you’ll even find a method best tailored to your needs.

When you understand your vaporizer better, you will know how to take draws to get the desired vapor.

vaping experience

4. Use Quality E-liquids

As much as it’s a wise idea to save coin on e-juice, the taste you get from some very cheap e-liquids may totally ruin your vaping experience and you may never want to try electronic cigarettes again (it’s a common pet peeve for many beginners who don’t know much about e-liquids).

Chinese e-liquid is the worst – and cheapest – and has been the subject of various health issues and debates. It has gotten to a point that American companies are switching base back home where the industry is regulated. The result? Extremely high standards in the e-liquid industry.

5. Avoid Mixing E-liquids

Update: We have updated this section after reader feedback as we believe the way it was initially written was a little misleading. 🙂

We are NOT saying no to mixing e liquids – we’re simply saying the DIY approach often doesn’t go as planned when amateurs are doing it. This means your e liquid can end up tasting horrible and leave a disgusting taste in your mouth. Also, it can be dangerous if you’re not doing it right. Mixing e liquids can often result in very high nicotine content and this can be poisonous for vapers.

If you have never done it before, just randomly mixing e liquids can ruin the vaping experience for you. So do your research and make sure you have your safety equipment before you start mixing for a safe (and better tasting) liquid.

Follow these simple tips and you will vape happily ever after. To a better vaping experience, everyone!

What about you? Do you have a special trick or tip that makes vaping better? Share with us in the comments.

6 Vaping Side Effects That You Didn’t Know You Loved

6 Vaping Side Effects That You Didn’t Know You Loved

When we’re talking about vaping side effects, the conversation always seems to circle back to the health side of things. Yes, that’s a super important discussion to have but today let’s have some fun and have look at some other side effects i.e. awesome things that happen when you start vaping.

If the haters want to focus on all the negative vaping side effects, that’s their problem. Let’s flip this thing on its head and talk about the positive side effects of e cigarettes! 😉

1. Vaping Lounges

If there is one thing that is becoming quite the fad in electronic cigarette circles, it is the trendy vaping lounges. With more converts joining the brigade, vaping lounges are subsequently popping up in many cities across the US. These hip joints are furnished with overstuffed couches and interiors that are more like popular bars than stores, some even boasting cafes and juice bars!

vaping side effects vape lounge

What’s more, they are becoming a safe haven for the regular vaper, away from the sanctimonious eye where they can meet fellow vapers and talk about, well – life. Surely this an ecigarette side effect we all love?

2. Vaping As A Hobby

Vaping is not just an avenue to quit smoking: it’s a hobby too for many among us. There’s a whole lot of stuff you can try out: figuring out which mech mod best compliments your style, mixing flavors you like or ‘customizing’ your own, channeling your creativity in general…

For some of us, the new hobby even translates to having the coolest gear at all times and before we know it have a mod collection that becomes our pride and joy. An expensive but awesome vaping side effect we think!

vaping side effects vape mod collection

3. Vape Mail

And don’t you just love vape mail?! Let’s have a show of hands. Anyone here who waits eagerly for their order to be shipped, and follows up on your package using tracking numbers? Well, you’re not alone. Vape mail is pretty damn exciting you guys!

meme for vaping

4. Meeting Other Vapers

Another great thing about vaping is once you get accustomed to it, it becomes this fabric of your everyday lifestyle. All those intense cravings that would rival Jhene Aiko’s ‘The Vapors’ (see video below) may no longer be there but vaping with friends and strangers is a great way to unwind by just sitting and talking for hours.

[youtube id=”QQ56byryk6o” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Some of these people you may never have met without vaping right? Meeting and finding other vaper friends is a pretty cool side effect of vaping when you think about it.

vaping side effects vape meet

5. Learning (& Perfecting) Vape Tricks

Then comes the interesting part: the vape tricks. Let’s face it, vape pens are fascinating technological gadgets. In fact, some are so cool that they have spawned a subculture of ‘modders’ who hook up at vape stores or hold online meetups. This geeky lot is akin to a group of hackers gathered together to show off their latest builds.

vaping side effects cloud chasing

That aside, there are numerous vape tricks that can spice up the whole experience. Take cloud blowing for instance. It doesn’t need any special talent to pull off. However, and we repeat – however – be conscious where you do it for it can really piss people off (fellow vapers included) and make you a vape douche.

Some vaping tricks are basic but others take time to master such as the vape-nardo (from ‘tornado’), dragon or machine-gun vape rings. The fun is both in the learning and the showing off, amirite?

6. Making & Mixing E-Liquids

For the experienced vaper, or better yet, the tinkerer, mixing tailored e-liquids is a huge “side effect? of vaping. The beauty with this is that you end up with a flavor that is bound to gangbang your sensory tastes.

vaping side effects mixing e liquids

Some of the popular ones out there include Unicorn Blood (this mystical liquid has been likened to Skittles with every individual flavor happening at once), the Hawk Sauce (a blend of grape and berries and a soft menthol kick leaving an extremely refreshing minty taste), Snake Eyes (creamy, banana cinnamon), Snake Oil (pear on inhale and the exhale a creamy coconut) etc.

Mmmmm….I can almost taste them. Got a favorite?

Ok, so your turn. What vaping side effects do you think should be on this list? Sound off in the comments!

The Vaper’s Guide To Mechanical Mods

The Vaper’s Guide To Mechanical Mods

So, you’ve decided to ditch smoking for vaping. Congratulations!

You have probably heard of mech mods (mechanical mods) but if you’re a vaping rookie, you may not know a whole lot about them. Well, feel free to treat this as your guide to mechanical mods!

For Expert Vapers Only?

There seems to be an unspoken rule in the vaping community that mechs are for experienced users only. But don’t be put off by that. This is simply because they are ‘re-buildable’ devices with low ohm coils (this is not necessary but thats what people usually lean towards. Low ohm coils). They have no inbuilt protection and things can get nasty if you over-drain the battery and have no idea of dealing with it. So, it’s just good to have some experience first.

Anyway, let’s get back to basics first.

What is a mechanical mod?

It’s a basic personal vaporizer. It comprises a tube that holds a replaceable and rechargeable battery. It has a button on the tube that supplies unregulated current to the atomizer upon its activation.

Is it similar to a personal vaporizer?

Not exactly. It’s a form of APV but the PVs themselves come with built-in protection features making them safer to use than mechs.

How does a mechanical mod work?

After installing the battery, the battery’s positive end stays in contact with the mech’s positive connection. When the button is engaged (there is a button), it results in a connection between the device and the battery’s negative end.

The positive connection then channels the voltage to the atty’s positive contact point and on to the fitted resistance wire. This causes the coils around the moistened wick to heat up and the result is, you guessed it, vapor generation.

What do you need to get started?

To get you started with a mechanical vape mod, you’ll need the following:

  •         A Mod
  •         Charger with voltage display
  •         Ohm meter
  •         Battery
  •         RDA
  •         Resistance wire
  •         Cotton balls
  •         Tweezers
  •         Small wire cutters

10 Mechanical Mod Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

A guide to mechanical mods would not be complete without safety tips. Here are some mechanical mod tips that may prove useful if you’re a newbie.

  1. Acquire a multimeter
    It helps you to monitor battery voltage and atomizer/clearomizer resistance, not to mention detecting shorts on the body of the mech mod.
  2. Battery type and quality
    Avoid unprotected standard lithium-ion batteries because they tend to overheat. Go for ICR chemistry battery instead or lithium manganese oxide (IMR) batteries which are less volatile.
  3. Battery chargers
    A fully-charged IMR battery should range between 4.15-4.20 volts. Anything above 4.25V is simply put, turning this into a little pipe bomb.
  4. Battery low voltage
    Have a multimeter on hand and if you don’t have one, make sure your battery is recharged at 3.6V as soon as the vapor production recedes.
  5. Battery polarity
    Make sure the battery is properly inserted.
  6. Battery stacking
    Use only a single battery.
  7. Remove batteries
    When not using your mechanical mod, remove the battery.
  8. Resistance testing
    Use atomizers and clearomizers with a resistance of less than 1.8 Ohms. To test, touch the positive probe to the center post where it stems from the device, and the negative probe to the metallic outer ring adjacent the post. Or you can also use a voltage drop meter to test the resistance.
  9. Vent holes
    Never use a mech without vent holes which allow gases to escape in case of overheating. Some mech mods have vent holes in the bottom – always check to see if the vent hole is operational while firing the mod. The reason being, in some mods the vent holes get covered by the firing pin.
  10. Firing button lock
    If your mod is good quality, it should have a switch-locking maneuver. Always keep the mod locked when not in use.

 Last Words on Guide to Mechanical Mods

So we know this post is pretty technical but it is our sincere hope that you’ve found this mechanical mods for beginners post useful, and that it has given you a clearer picture of what a mechanical mod is and its dos and don’ts.

Want To Try a Mechanical Mod?

If you think you’re ready to experiment with a mechanical mod, we have a pretty great offer for you on the Tantra mod from L.A. based manufacturer, Chillum Vapor.

tantra mod

The Tantra has been some getting some rave reviews, like this one from ZampleBox.


Use the code in the image below get $25 off when you purchase this beast of a mod.

chillum vapor discount tantra mod

Do you have a lingering question about mods you’d like answered? Feel free to let us know.

Thanks for reading and good luck with that mechanical mod!