The stars… they’re just like you and me. Well, almost. They like to vape. And, when they’re caught on camera, they do great things for us. Yep, really.

Celebrities who vape make it seem more normal, more acceptable. They also use their star power (sometimes without even trying) to influence people to quit smoking and pick up a healthier, less dangerous e-cigarette instead.

They have also had a major impact on e-cig sales. In the UK alone, e-cig sales jumped from 9 million pounds to 90 million pounds last year. Obviously not all of this is because of celebs but the fact that Simon Cowell and Kate Moss like to vape have obviously helped make e-cigs more popular.

5 Celebrities Who Vape

Here are some celebrities caught vaping on camera:

Bruno Mars

celebrities who vape bruno marsGave up smoking as a promise to his mama. This is Bruno on his 1st day with an e-cig.

Katherine Heigl

celebs who vapeAn early adopter, Katherine was talking about the benefits of smoking e-cigs on Letterman, way back in 2010.

 Leonardo Di Caprio

celebrities who vape leonardoChilled out and debonair, Leo snapped vaping at the Golden Globes, 2014.

Katy Perry

celebrities vaping katy perryDidn’t know she was a smoker but Katy’s been seen vaping a few times in the past year.

Simon Cowell

celebs who vape simon cowellIn early 2013, Simon Cowell admitted that he quit smoking with the help of vaping.

We only had the room for five celeb photos today but I’m sure there are many, many more who are loving the e-cig and trashing the tobacco.

Do you think public photos of celebrities who vape are good for the vaping community? Does a celebrity endorsement help normalize e-cigs?