What is a drip tip? If you are new to vaping, you’ve probably heard of it but chances are it’s a foreign concept to you. Digging up the thin information on the web may confuse rather than enlighten. But hey, that’s why we’re here.

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume you already know what cartridges, atomizers and cartomizers are. If not, grab a refresher copy of the Ultimate Guide to Vaping Terms.

So, what are drip tips?

Drip tips are simply an alternative to e-cigarette cartridges and cartomizers (think of it as a mouthpiece). Why an alternative you may be curious? To answer that effectively, let’s beat around the bush a little to offer a better glimpse.

drip tips

The Issue with Disposable Cartridges

Disposable cartridges, if you may have noticed, don’t grant that satisfaction and consistency you may be after. A downside, yes, because they don’t produce the same consistent vapor as those first draws.

A downside too because of their habit to squirt e-juice into the mouth following that first draw, something that can spoil your entire vaping experience especially if you are new.

Cartomizers too?

There is no denying that cartos are tremendously reliable and convenient. They eliminate the issues common with disposable cartridges by bundling the e-cig atomizer and e-juice into one ensuring excellent vapor production and longer life in general.

However, they fall short of giving you a convenient avenue of sampling new e-liquid flavors. If you buy them pre-filled, you will be confined to the flavors made by the e-juice company. If you buy them empty, you will have to do the filling yourself.

drip tips

Enter dripping.

What is a Drip Tip?

A drip tip is a hollow mouthpiece you can use in place of a cartridge or cartomizer (or clearomizer) without having to remove anything. Thus, dripping is the process of pouring e-juice directly into the atomizer. It is used to harness the full power of your e-cig by offering a full, clean flavor with consistent vapor production throughout.

You achieve this by placing a drip tip (made from different material from metal to plastic) over the atomizer which results to a channel that allows the juice to flow (drip) through. There is no wadding to hold the juice thus it leaks from the atomizer repeatedly in the process boosting your e-cig’s vapor production without the need to purchase a costly new device.

drip tips

Dripping can be a challenge at first but practice makes perfect. Reason is because you need to learn how much e-juice to add and when: add too little or too late and you risk drying up and burning the wicks; add too much or too frequently and the liquid will overflow. You have to drip e-liquid into the atty constantly to keep the wick nice and moist, and it is for this reason those who have mustered it like to think of it as an art.

The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Once you are into dripping, there is no turning back. It really is an altogether different kind of vaping experience.

If you like trying out new or different flavors as often as we do, you will appreciate the practice. Using a cartomizer or cartridge makes it impossible, unless you fill or buy a new one every time you need something different. With cartridges, this is bound to be inconvenient; with cartomizers, it’s straight out expensive. With a drip tip and atomizer though, you have the freedom to switch between flavors any time you wish. All you have to do is flush out the atomizer with your newly acquired juice.

In a nutshell, it offers you the following benefits when compared to tanks:

  • Boasts an enhanced flavor
  • Offers unmatched clouds of vapor
  • It is more cost-effective in the long-run (meaning vaping just got cheaper)
  • Offers higher level of customization
  • Has better airflow

Dripping is a vaping technique that is sure to give you a ‘Holy crap!’ moment. It may take time before you fully get it figured out, but it sure will be one worthwhile experience.