Hello vapers! Today we take a look at how to understand upcoming FDA regulation and other top vaping news.

Bluffer’s guide to FDA regulation of tobacco and nicotine products

Upcoming FDA regulations targeting e-cigarettes are causing a lot of concern within the vaping industry and to vapers a like. The consequences of the vaping regulations could cause a major problem in the industry, and could also lead to major changes that will affect how and where we vape. A lot of the anxiety is due to lack of knowledge on what the FDA regulation is all about. This Bluffer’s guide gives some facts on the FDA and regulations to make it easier for you to understand what is about to happen.

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Governor, Legislature Clash Over E-Cigarette Regulations

There has been a continuous trend in the US to tax e-cigarettes. Michigan lawmakers however, appear to have little interest in taxing e-cigarettes in the same way as traditional tobacco products. In the current Legislature, just one bill has been introduced to do so, sponsored by Sen. Coleman Young II (D-Detroit). This bill has interestingly been met by strong criticism from other legislators opposing treating e-cigarettes as a tobacco product for tax reasons. The bill appears stuck in committee with no indication it will be brought to the floor anytime soon. Michigan currently has a tobacco tax of $2 per pack. The state also has the 10th-highest cigarette smuggling rate nationally.

Coleman Young’s bill is laughable and dead on arrival.

Said Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge.

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