If you’re new to vaping, the long list of vaping terms can be confusing and overwhelming. But as usual, Vaper Soul is here to your rescue 😉

If we tried to list everything in the vaping lingo vocab, this list would be waaaay to long so we’ll just go with some of the most popular ones.

A is for…

Atomizer, aka atty: E-cig’s heating component responsible for vaporizing the liquid.

Analog/Burner: The traditional tobacco cig.

All Day Vape: An e-liquid you can use over and over and over without tiring of it. Abbreviated as ADV.

APV/AVP: Short form for advanced personal vaporizer (some kind of modified e-cig – MOD) with advanced features.

Ass Juice: Just as the name suggests, ass juice is e-liquid developed by wannabes leading to e-juice that tastes like shit crap.

Auto: Short for automatic, this is a battery that activates the heating element when you take a draw. It does so automatically thanks to an internal sensor, hence the name.

ANTZ: The lot strongly against tobacco and nicotine use.

B is for…

BP: Large pharmaceutical firms.

BT: Large tobacco firms.

Batt: Short for battery used to power the atomizer/cartomizer (or topper of choice) when vaper draws on the mouthpiece. See that heat glow from an analog? Mini batts are able to simulate it when a puff is taken.

Bridge: A standard atomizer has a part that makes contact with the e-liquid. It is called the bridge.

C is for…

Cartridge: Plastic mouthpiece with a diluted nicotine solution, better known as e-juice, suspended within some kind of wadding.

Carto/Carty (Cartomizer): Disposable atomizer built into the cartridge.

Clearomizer: Cartomizer that has a clear wall that enables one to see the juice level.

Coil: Heating element of the atomizer.

Cutoff: Duration that battery takes to activate the atomizer before temporary shutdown to prevent damage to the atomizer.

D is for…

Draw: Inhale

Dripping: Vaping by adding some e-liquid drops directly to the atomizer instead of using a cartridge.

Drip Tip: Hollow mouthpiece used in the place of a regular cartridge so as to enable dripping directly to the atomizer without the need to remove the tip.

Doubler/Tripler: Names used to brand e-liquids that have no nicotine in them. Can also be used to reduce nicotine content or add flavor to another e-liquid.

Dry hit: Puffing on an e-cig without any vapor being released.

Dry burn: Process of cleaning atomizers to extend their life.

E is for…

E-cig: Short for electronic cigarette.

E-juice aka E-liquid: The real deal this one. It’s the liquid used in e-cigs and its constituents include propylene glycol and/or glycerin, nicotine and flavorings.

E-NI/E-NIC: Abbreviation for Electronic Nicotine Inhaler. Another term for the e-cig.

eGo: Vaping slang for an e-cigarette of a particular size and configuration. Originally developed by JoyE, a Chinese firm, and has become some kind of standard in the industry.

F is for…

Filler: Wadding in the mouthpiece/cartridge used to hold the e-juice.

Fluval: A kind of foam filter used in aquariums that some vapers use to replace the old fiber filling encountered in most e-cig cartridges.

Flooding: An occurrence resulting from too much e-liquid filling the atty (atomizer) or carto (cartomizer) resulting to poor vapor and sometimes ‘gurgling’. Probable cause is e-liquid penetrating the battery connection.

G is for…

Goose neck: Available in an assortment of colors, these are flexible extensions for your personal vaporizer.

K is for…

Kick: This is the feeling you get at the back of your throat after taking a draw. It’s also vaping slang for a clever auxiliary device used to regulate heat generated by some mechanicals mods.

M is for…

Mod: Short for modified e-cig, used mostly in reference of individually designed e-smoking gadgets particularly meant to use standard li-on batteries.

N is for…

Nic-juice: Another name for e-liquid. You’ve probably figured it’s short for nicotine juice.

NRT: Stands for nicotine replacement therapy which includes the likes of nicotine gum, patches etc.

P is for…

Passthrough: E-cig ‘battery’ directly connected to a USB plug or, USB port/hub. Always on hand, it cuts the need to drain regular batteries while you’re near a computer.

PCC: Short for personal charging case.

PG: Stands for propylene glycol and is a colorless, viscous and almost scentless liquid boasting a slightly sweet taste.

PV: Abbreviation for personal vaporizer and is another name for e-cig.

How can we forget the Primer Puff: This is the action of inhaling/exhaling on the electronic cigarette so as to engage the atomizer.

T is for…

TH: Stands for throat hit. See ‘Kick’.

Topping off: Adding e-liquid juice to the current cartridge.

V s for…

Vape/Vaping: The act of smoking an electronic cigarette.

Vaper: The ‘smoker’ of the e-cig in vaping lingo.

Vapor: You guessed it right: the smoke-like mist emitted during vaping.

VG: Abbreviation for vegetable glycerin which is one of the ingredients found in e-liquids. Thicker than PG, sweet to the taste, and has low toxicity.

W is for…

Wick: This is a part of the cartridge that soaks up the e-juice.

That’s about it for today lesson on vaping terms. Too much to internalize? Don’t worry, you’ll soon get acquainted with most of the jargon as time goes on.