Do E Cigarettes Smell?

Do E Cigarettes Smell?

Just about anyone knows cigarettes smell. But do e cigarettes smell? It’s a contentious issue in the vaping debate, but more of that shortly…

For decades now, the smell of cigarettes has been their hallmark (and conditional reflex for every smoker). The distinctive scent is not only created while smoking, it lingers long after the smoker is gone, an attribute that has not endeared it to many – even amongst smokers themselves.

The smell from cigarette smoke is notorious for getting into, and clinging onto, almost everything it comes into contact with: drapes, carpet, clothes, car, hair you name it.  It is an odor many find repugnant (and dangerous) and thus tend to avoid any close contact.

Do E Cigarettes Smell

Do e Cigarettes Smell?

One of the most common questions we have heard from people not versed with the culture of vaping is, ‘Do electronic cigarettes smell?’ or ‘Do vape pens smell?’

The answer depends on whom you ask: some say no, others say yes. We lie in the latter category. It is one of the reasons that makes vaporizers so exciting. Electronic cigarettes, however, do not have the kind of ominous scent reminiscent of tobacco cigarettes. Part of it is because there is no combustion; part of it has to do with the vapor that evaporates almost immediately, because you are not exhaling smoke per se.

Electronic cigarettes derive their smell from the flavor part of e liquids (comprising propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin + nicotine + flavor). Typically, it is very discreet. It’s more of an aroma really; a sweet aroma – or fruity, or exotic musk, depends on the flavor used. This scent is easier to pick out when you are indoors. This is because, of course, the air is stagnant and not moving around much. Even then, the smell lingers for transient seconds before it quickly dissipates. When you venture outdoors, it becomes almost imperceptible, until you are close by.

Do E Cigarettes Smell

E-liquids come in a variety of exciting flavors that number in the thousands. A handful of common aromas: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, spearmint, watermelon, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, green apple, caramel mocha, cigar and more.

They vary in cost, just like perfume.

Improved Self-image

The thing with smoking is that it forces you to fall out of favor with people, whether it’s a would-be girlfriend or associates at the workplace. This may be the least of your concerns but smoking has gotten to a point that it seems like the times have moved beyond it. Take this from an ex-smoker.

You might drench yourself in cologne and chew gum after coming in from a smoke break, but people will scowl at you, plead with you to quit, and the pompous will think you are disgusting. Once you stop smoking, it’s only then that you realize some of these things.

Vaping boosts your self-image because it lacks all the negative qualities that people find unappealing about cigarettes. It doesn’t taint your living quarters, car, clothes, hair or hands with a putrid smell.

Do E Cigarettes Smell?

Electronic cigarettes not only have sweet aromas, but they also help you smell nice boosting your self-image while still satisfying your nicotine craving.

Improved Senses

Still sticking with the scents and smell theme, you probably were aware smoking affects your olfactory. Well, ditching smoking for vaping brings with it an enhanced sense of taste and smell.

What you notice when you make the big switch is that your sense of smell will return after just a few weeks, and with it, your ability to taste things. You start paying more attention to what you eat and drink, and you no longer coat your teeth with layer of tar upon layer of tar which in turn improves your oral health and generally, you enjoy life the more.

The smell of e-cig vapor is a world apart from that of cigarette smoke. It is very subtle, but still, common courtesy is called for when vaping in public.