With the number of vapers continually on the rise, we are noticing an increasing number of people vaping their way in public places. While this is good news for the vaping industry in terms of awareness and acceptance, it also casts a negative light and makes us all look like a bunch of idiots.

Remember the Bon Jovi song…. “You give love a bad name”? Well, you’re giving all us vapers a bad name! (Sorry for the lame Bon Jovi reference 😉 )

Vaping veterans are blaming the rookies. Cloud chasers have been accused of distasteful showing-off as foggers gain popularity, and there’s a select group that is fond of vaping everywhere from restaurants and public transport to stores and office bathrooms.

Seriously? You just did that?

Seriously? You just did that?

Don’t be such a vape douche, man!

If you are one of these, you need to understand that just because you are exhaling vapor doesn’t mean you should go about displaying your new-found freedom and forcing your habit on every Tom, Dick and Harry. There are people who don’t really care about how safe PVs and e-cigs are claimed to be; they just won’t appreciate seeing you vaping in public establishments.

The Pain Points

So these are some of the ways you may be giving vaping a bad rap with or without your knowledge:

1.  Drawing huge clouds in confined public places

It may seem cool to you or your close buddies, but cloud chasing looks stupid when doing it in the wrong circles.

2.  Littering with PV cartridges

Avoid leaving your gear everywhere for it is not only inconsiderate not to clean up after, but also fatal if a child or pet chews one.

3.  Acting like an e-cig evangelist

However ecstatic you may be about vaping, refrain from acting like a brand ambassador bashing smokers on social media, spreading false gospel without facts, or nagging others to try out e-cigs when they really don’t care. It’s irritating, annoying, boring, bothersome and all those not-so-cool adjectives.

4.  Bathroom vaping

Avoid sneaking out of the office to take a puff. People tend to liken vaping to smoking which is bad for the whole vaping community, not just your image.

5.  Vaping in the movie theatre

Non-smokers may be down with vaping, but no one will appreciate vapor clouds or the small light on the tip of your e-cig distracting them from enjoying their movie. Neither would you.

6.  Vaping at school

Vaping may not be as harmful as most people like to believe, but it’s probably not a good idea to do it at school. You’re around easily-influenced young kids so be mindful of this.

7. Mid-air Vaping

It’s illegal to smoke on-board an aeroplane and this rule almost always applies to vapers as well. Respect this and don’t assume it’s ok to blow vape circles in the aisle just because you’re not smoking tobacco. It’s a confined public space and be considerate of other passengers.


Vape Con 2014 – Definitely ok to cloud chase here!

From Arrogant to Considerate Vaper

Don’t want to be a vape douche? Here’s some basic vaping etiquette to keep in mind.

This involves not doing any of the above-mentioned habits, and others your conscience may feel are wrong.

In a nutshell:

  • Don’t vape near kids or at family gatherings
  • Don’t vape on public transport; subways, trains, or even planes.
  • Don’t vape in grocery stores, retail locations, or banks
  • Don’t vape in hospitals or any other kind of care centers (that’s obvious isn’t it?)

In short, use your common sense. If smoking is prohibited in a particular place, think twice before you vape as well.

“As we speak, the spotlight is strongly focused on us, with all manner of scrutiny going on”

Vaping is a private habit, just as is smoking, and it would be best if things stayed that way. We don’t mean you should be hiding your vaping habit. No, just try to be conscious and a little mindful of others.

The last thing we need is a bunch of guys pulling stupid acts and making the entire vaping community look bad and frowned upon.

What other bad habits have we left out that you think give vaping a bad name?


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