Vapes Every Vaper Should Know


What are the different types of vapes you can buy? When vaping first became popular a few years ago, companies rushed to release many types of equipment. Consumers were left wondering the differences. These days, if you walk into a smoke or vape shop to inquire about ecigarettes or vapes, you’ll be inundated with a lot of terms that may not make sense to you.

To help understand what are the different types of  vapes available; we’ve sorted vape hardware into couple of categories. Although many may argue there are more sub-categories within these – this is just a general overview of what is out there. 

Disposable eCigarettes – Disposable ecigarettes are also known as cigalikes, vape pens, and simply ecigarettes. These devices are similar in shape to regular cigarettes and are most commonly found in convenience stores and retailers like Walmart.

Blu (Imperial), Vuse (RJ Reynolds), and Mark Ten (Altria) are among the most popular ecigarettes, and each are manufactured by major tobacco companies. Disposable ecigarettes are prefered by smokers who want the feel of a cigarette in their hands. Many vapers dislike these devices because of the high nicotine content, limited flavor availability, and cost – you’ll spend upwards of $10 for only a few ml of vape juice.

Rebuildable Atomizer – Rebuildable atomizers are also known as RBAs and personal vaporizers. These devices are and are commonly found in vape shops. They are usually used by people who like to have control over how their vape is going to hit. Although not as extensive as an RDA the RBAs are a good choice for someone looking to take their vaping to the next level. 

RBA vaporizers have two pieces – a battery and tank. The tank holds ejuice and can hold much more than a standard disposable ecigarette. These tanks are easily refillable and each individual piece can be replaced if it fails. Rebuildable atomizers are prefered by those seeking to make their own ejuice or refill with flavors of their choice. They cost from $20-$200+

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer – Rebuildable drip atomizers are also known as RDAs and advanced personal vaporizers (APV). These devices are highly customizable tank systems that are commonly found in vape shops.

RDA vaporizers require the user to rebuild the coils and replace the wick, which can take some getting used to. They are customizable and often have a variety of features. There are mainly two things people go for when choosing an RDA; good flavor vs big clouds.  Instead of a tank, these mods require you to drip ejuice onto them in order to vape. Drip atomizers are prefered by cloud chasers for their ability to adjust and personalize and can cost from $100-$1000.

Closed loop ecigs – These type of vapes are starting to make their way into the market much faster than any others. Closed loop ecigs are non-refillable. And usually they are similar to cigalikes.

A good example of a closed loop ecig is the JUUL by Pax labs. Based in San Francisco this company has innovated the way people interact with the ecigs. Their product the JUUL has a closed loop system that is probably the easiest to use among all other types of vapes. instead of having to refill, build coils, change wicks and so on – All you need to do is vape. The best part is that you get all of this convenience for $50. I believe that the closed loop ecigs will be one of the few types of devices to survive the battle with the FDA.

Which type of vaporizer you choose is up to you, though many people have a variety of hardware to cater to every occasion.