Hello vapers. Another week has gone by and as always a lot has happened in our vaping world. A few topics such as the effects of increasing the vaping age made headlines this week.

Cornell Study Finds Raising The Vaping Age Actually Increases Teen Smoking

A new study by Cornell University has found that raising the vaping age does not curb smoking as suggested, it in fact leads to an increase in teen smoking. In the study that was published in Preventative Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine investigators found an 11.7 percent increase in teen cigarette use after states introduced new age restrictions for e-cigarettes between 2007 and 2013.

Believing that increasing vaping age will help curb smoking among teenagers, legislators all over the US have been proposing bills to raise the vaping age in line with the smoking age to a new high of 21 in some states. Politicians and public health activists argue e-cigarettes could hook kids on nicotine and lead to them to transition to tobacco and, therefore, need to be more tightly regulated. However, according to the study, this is not true because more teenagers have taken to smoking after vaping age restrictions have been effected.

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Cigarette tax hike ballot measure seems like a war on vaping, too

The ballot measure to hike North Dakota’s tobacco taxes was announced this week and resulted in a 400 percent tax hike on cigarettes. This new taxation has taken North Dakota’s $0.44 per-pack tax to $2.20 per-pack. Legislators are justifying the tax hike with price prohibition. They claim that if the cigarettes are more expensive then there will be less smoking.

Some of the revenue collected from the tobacco tax will go to a new trust fund for veterans. Even though the use of the taxes is great, the measure to increase the tobacco tax is far more than just a tax hike on cigarettes. It’s also a war on vaping.

We do know that it reduces usage, and that saves money for everybody.

Dr. Eric Johnson, a Grand Forks physician and chairman of the measure’s sponsoring committee, said.

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