A cloud of angst has been hovering over many cities across America through to Europe and into Asia, all the way down to the Australia; cause of formation: vaping bans.

While there are a sensible few, some are ridiculous at best and offensive at worst. It may come as good news to antz, but a good chunk of vapers feel hard done. Not when they can breathe better after laying down the cigarette; not when they can do vigorous activity without gasping for breath; not when they can savor the taste of food again; not when they no longer play outsiders at the office. The list goes on.

vaping bans

Caught up in the Ban

Vaping proponents support the habit because finally, they have found an effective and safe way to quit fatal smoking. There is no more sticking nicotine patches and chewing nic gum that doesn’t work and ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

In short, vaping is their best bet to quit smoking which kills one in two long-term smokers.

Surprisingly though, electronic cigarettes continue to cause a furore. Prime reason is because critics are united in the stand that the practice is rife with unknowns. Health officials are thus moving with fervor to ensure it finally gets its spot alongside banned tobacco products for what they call potential dangers. Supporters, on the other hand, want regulators to adopt a wait-and-see policy in the high likelihood it turns out to be harmless.

For since the dawn of vaping, everyone knows, there is yet to be an associated illness, let alone fatality. In other words, antagonists should stop viewing vaping as smoking just because it simulates the latter. In fact, the best current estimates suggest vaping is a staggering 95 percent safer (at least) than cigarette smoking and may in the long run prove to be even safer. Here’s proof.

vaping bans

This could transform health outcomes, and if vaping deposed smoking in toto, it would be one of mankind’s greatest health-promoting interventions. Think of it as a market-driven solution to the smoking scourge, rather than medical. This is why over in Europe, the UK Department of Health and the Royal College of Physicians have categorically endorsed vaping, so long as products comply with marketing standards.

Vaping bans in the U.S. and other countries, however, show agencies and local governments hold a different view.

Vaping Bans the New Fad

Guess what the new name for vapor is these days? Aerosol. That’s what the scientists and activists are calling it as they base their claims behind a study from the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

In all fairness, some states may be justified in imposing e-cig bans in public spaces, but which kids patron bars, nightclubs and casinos to have the idea of ‘smoking’ normalized in their minds like the councilmen of New York, L.A. and Chicago would have you believe? The already messed up kind would be the most reasonable answer.

vaping bans

And even the thinking behind the ban in restaurants seems to be, well – daft – because apparently, they say, diners could mistake the vapor for cigarette smoke. This is akin to banning sugar in restaurants because the same diners might mistake it for cocaine while seated at a distance. Well, not quite. We’re just a little worked up by some of these legislations:

At VaperSoul we are against the lack of vaping common sense: totally. Don’t be a vape douche.

States such as Arkansas, New Hampshire, Virginia and others probably got it right by banning vaping in schools, but is it a case of a little too late?

Last Word

No one is promising electronic cigarettes make manna rain down from wherever we were told it once came from, but they are way better than tobacco cigarettes. Any day. As the rampage to impose vaping bans continues, legislators across the world should know vapers are just ordinary people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking. The health benefits of vaping ought to be kept above petty thinking for the public good.
What vaping bans have affected you and how are you coping with them? Sound off in the comments below!