Update: We have updated Tip 5 after reader feedback.

The adoption of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers has been on the rise ever since their introduction in the mid-2000s.

As the adoption escalates by the year, so is the type of PVs and e-liquid variety. As much as this is a benefit, it also has its shortcomings. For every vaper, tyro or pro, this post aims at providing tips to enhance your vaping experience. There are a couple of basic things that you can do that will greatly improve your experience of vaping.

What are these things?

1. Ensure Your Battery Is Properly Charged

Properly charging your battery not only allows you to get the most out of it, but also extends its lifespan. Leave it to fully charge – just like any other device that uses a re-chargeable battery – before unplugging it from the power source.

Pro Tip: Be careful not to to overcharge the battery though. Overcharged batteries can become unnecessarily heated and overheated batteries have even been known to explode. Uh-oh!

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 2. Clean Your Battery – And Re-Useable Carto Too

See that space between the battery and cartridge? Residue and dirt accumulate there pretty easily.

To clean it, you could use a paper towel, Q-tip or similar cotton swab. Clean any area that is noticeably dirty, and remove any caked-on residue using a toothpick. Why no soap or any cleaners? These could affect the performance of your vaporizer so best not to use them.

If you have an ego starter kit that’s short of vapor or good e-liquid flavor, gets e-juice in your mouth or has a leaky tank, it could be an issue with cleaning. No one wants juice in their mouth, it totally ruins your vaping experience!

So, how often should you clean your kit? This is determined by how often you use it, but ideally, once a week at the very least should do it.The same goes for a reusable cartomizer, albeit this requires more skill.

Pro Tip: To avoid cleaning your batt every other day, use a syringe to pour the e-liquid into the carto or tank.

3. Draw Style

Even experienced vapers have their own way of drawing. The best experience will be gained from slow, steady draws, as opposed to quick and shallow. The longer puffs you inhale, the faster your battery drains. It’s a rule of thumb. Don’t feel restricted though.

It’s good to understand that each vaporizer has its own best practices. Spend some time with your unit to learn its quirks. After some time, you’ll even find a method best tailored to your needs.

When you understand your vaporizer better, you will know how to take draws to get the desired vapor.

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4. Use Quality E-liquids

As much as it’s a wise idea to save coin on e-juice, the taste you get from some very cheap e-liquids may totally ruin your vaping experience and you may never want to try electronic cigarettes again (it’s a common pet peeve for many beginners who don’t know much about e-liquids).

Chinese e-liquid is the worst – and cheapest – and has been the subject of various health issues and debates. It has gotten to a point that American companies are switching base back home where the industry is regulated. The result? Extremely high standards in the e-liquid industry.

5. Avoid Mixing E-liquids

Update: We have updated this section after reader feedback as we believe the way it was initially written was a little misleading. 🙂

We are NOT saying no to mixing e liquids – we’re simply saying the DIY approach often doesn’t go as planned when amateurs are doing it. This means your e liquid can end up tasting horrible and leave a disgusting taste in your mouth. Also, it can be dangerous if you’re not doing it right. Mixing e liquids can often result in very high nicotine content and this can be poisonous for vapers.

If you have never done it before, just randomly mixing e liquids can ruin the vaping experience for you. So do your research and make sure you have your safety equipment before you start mixing for a safe (and better tasting) liquid.

Follow these simple tips and you will vape happily ever after. To a better vaping experience, everyone!

What about you? Do you have a special trick or tip that makes vaping better? Share with us in the comments.