There are many vaping mistakes rookies are prone to make; it is to be expected. We were all there once 😉

So today, we figured we’d talk about vaping problems beginners are faced with in this short post in the hope that we can reach out to anyone joining the movement now and in future.

So without wasting time, let’s get on with it!

Not Ditching your Smoking Habits

One very common mistake among new vapers is treating vaping like the smoking it is not, particularly with the draws. So understand this: your draw will be different with an ecigarette, as will the actual vaping experience. When vaping, you need to take only a few drags at a time to ‘harness’ the same amount of nicotine intake (yes, it’s that effective).

Problem with taking long drags like in tobacco cigarettes is you will take in a lot more nicotine than you are used to. Not to mean vaping is badass than smoking (don’t lord it over others mind you) but this can also burn your device out due to overuse.

vaping problems

Read the Instructions

An ecigarette may look like a device that’s easy to operate, but things can get technical when you are still a virgin. Don’t fall prey to rushing things like many beginners do only to find out their device is not functioning in the way they envisioned.

It may sound ‘rookish’ (it is), but skipping this part can turn out to be mid-life crisis later on. It can lead to damage of your device, unwittingly, which is why it’s a good thing to brush through the manuals.

Not Activating or Charging your Batteries

Another of new vaper problem that you should be aware of: not activating your batteries after the first charge. You might be left thinking your device is faulty, which it is not. To avoid this error, rapidly press the on/off button a couple of times which will activate your battery, ultimately avoiding this error and ensuring a better vaping experience.

Also, make it a habit of charging your batteries, and unlike your laptop, it’s not recommended to let your battery drain completely before recharging it. If you think you won’t be recharging it for a while, consider carrying a backup with you.

vaping problems

Drowning your Ecig with E-liquid

Many experienced vapers will admit to overfilling their tank or atomizer back in the day, and in the process drowning the heating element that creates the vapor. Don’t overfill your ecig because it will render it useless as the juice soaks up the batt bringing the device to a ‘standstill’.

Cheap Eliquid

When it comes to purchasing ejuice, cheap options are of inferior quality, just like anything else in life. Some cheap liquids (read Chinese) no one may be sure what is contained in them. Worse still, they can turn your head back into smoking just because you sampled juice that tastes like horse pee (ass juice in vaping circles). You may want to read this guide to cheap eliquids.

vaping problems

Follow these tips and you will make the most out of your vaping experience!

Are there vaping problems you’ve faced that we have left out? Feel free to spread the word!