When we’re talking about vaping side effects, the conversation always seems to circle back to the health side of things. Yes, that’s a super important discussion to have but today let’s have some fun and have look at some other side effects i.e. awesome things that happen when you start vaping.

If the haters want to focus on all the negative vaping side effects, that’s their problem. Let’s flip this thing on its head and talk about the positive side effects of e cigarettes! 😉

1. Vaping Lounges

If there is one thing that is becoming quite the fad in electronic cigarette circles, it is the trendy vaping lounges. With more converts joining the brigade, vaping lounges are subsequently popping up in many cities across the US. These hip joints are furnished with overstuffed couches and interiors that are more like popular bars than stores, some even boasting cafes and juice bars!

vaping side effects vape lounge

What’s more, they are becoming a safe haven for the regular vaper, away from the sanctimonious eye where they can meet fellow vapers and talk about, well – life. Surely this an ecigarette side effect we all love?

2. Vaping As A Hobby

Vaping is not just an avenue to quit smoking: it’s a hobby too for many among us. There’s a whole lot of stuff you can try out: figuring out which mech mod best compliments your style, mixing flavors you like or ‘customizing’ your own, channeling your creativity in general…

For some of us, the new hobby even translates to having the coolest gear at all times and before we know it have a mod collection that becomes our pride and joy. An expensive but awesome vaping side effect we think!

vaping side effects vape mod collection

3. Vape Mail

And don’t you just love vape mail?! Let’s have a show of hands. Anyone here who waits eagerly for their order to be shipped, and follows up on your package using tracking numbers? Well, you’re not alone. Vape mail is pretty damn exciting you guys!

meme for vaping

4. Meeting Other Vapers

Another great thing about vaping is once you get accustomed to it, it becomes this fabric of your everyday lifestyle. All those intense cravings that would rival Jhene Aiko’s ‘The Vapors’ (see video below) may no longer be there but vaping with friends and strangers is a great way to unwind by just sitting and talking for hours.

[youtube id=”QQ56byryk6o” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Some of these people you may never have met without vaping right? Meeting and finding other vaper friends is a pretty cool side effect of vaping when you think about it.

vaping side effects vape meet

5. Learning (& Perfecting) Vape Tricks

Then comes the interesting part: the vape tricks. Let’s face it, vape pens are fascinating technological gadgets. In fact, some are so cool that they have spawned a subculture of ‘modders’ who hook up at vape stores or hold online meetups. This geeky lot is akin to a group of hackers gathered together to show off their latest builds.

vaping side effects cloud chasing

That aside, there are numerous vape tricks that can spice up the whole experience. Take cloud blowing for instance. It doesn’t need any special talent to pull off. However, and we repeat – however – be conscious where you do it for it can really piss people off (fellow vapers included) and make you a vape douche.

Some vaping tricks are basic but others take time to master such as the vape-nardo (from ‘tornado’), dragon or machine-gun vape rings. The fun is both in the learning and the showing off, amirite?

6. Making & Mixing E-Liquids

For the experienced vaper, or better yet, the tinkerer, mixing tailored e-liquids is a huge “side effect” of vaping. The beauty with this is that you end up with a flavor that is bound to gangbang your sensory tastes.

vaping side effects mixing e liquids

Some of the popular ones out there include Unicorn Blood (this mystical liquid has been likened to Skittles with every individual flavor happening at once), the Hawk Sauce (a blend of grape and berries and a soft menthol kick leaving an extremely refreshing minty taste), Snake Eyes (creamy, banana cinnamon), Snake Oil (pear on inhale and the exhale a creamy coconut) etc.

Mmmmm….I can almost taste them. Got a favorite?

Ok, so your turn. What vaping side effects do you think should be on this list? Sound off in the comments!