Hello guys, another week is here and as usual here are the news making headlines in the vaping world!

E-cigarettes may only be harmful under ‘extreme conditions’

A new study published in online journal Addiction has found that e-cigarettes can produce harmful levels of formaldehyde that exceed those of regular cigarettes but only under extreme conditions. The study examined how the popular tobacco replacement devices perform in ‘real world’ conditions.


Our results verify previous observations that it is possible for e-cigarettes to generate high levels of aldehydes; however, this is observed only under dry puff conditions, which deliver a strong unpleasant taste that vapers detect and avoid, by reducing power levels and puff duration or by increasing inter-puff interval

Cardiologist Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos said.

See more details about the study on wired.co.uk.

‘Vaping’ Takes Hold In The Workplace And School

Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes has increasingly become popular but interestingly a lot more people are not aware of the impact they have especially as an alternative to smoking. Experts in the vaping industry warn that the use of e-cigarettes is anything but a temporary fad, and can no longer be ignored by our workplaces and schools.

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